URL for the Editor. Open the diagram at editing status. Need to open this URL on the browser.




Example1 : https://cacoo.com/diagrams/00e77f4dc9973517/edit?editorToken=nITfHr0rxfeAxdCn

Example2 : https://cacoo.com/diagrams/00e77f4dc9973517/edit?automationToken=wAHbE0gJ8DgRIUhy

Example3('parameter' need to be URL encoded in UTF-8.) : 




Signin Required


Parameter Name Type Content Example
diagramId (Required) String Diagram Id 00e77f4dc9973517
parameter Json Startup parameter. Text in JSON format need to be passed after being URL encoded in UTF-8. {“mode”: “normal”,“callbackUrl”: “http://example.com/callback","visibleStencils": [ “basic.balloon” ],“buttons”: [{“label”: “Prev”, “action”: “saveAndExit”, “callbackParam”: “PREV”},{“imageUrl”: “http://example/next.png”, “action”: “exit”, “callbackParam”: “NEXT”}]}
editorToken String Token string to open without signing in Cacoo. See Editor Token API. nITfHr0rxfeAxdCn
automationToken String Token string for automatic operations when the Editor open. See Editor Automation API. wAHbE0gJ8DgRIUhy

Startup parameter

Parameter Name Type Content Default Example
mode String Startup mode. The value is either normal or simple. Simple mode will not display Save panel, Invite panel and Export panel. “normal” “simple”
callbackUrl String The URL to display after closing the Editor. The Editor closes normally if this is not specified. http://example.com/callback"
visibleStencils Array(String) The category of stencils shown when the Editor was opened. Other stencils will not be displayed. The stencil panel will open normally if this is not specified. [“basic.balloon”]
buttons(Required) Array Definition of close button. Show buttons as many as specified in this definition. Numbers of characters to label the button. This number will have priority over imageUrl. -
 + label String Label on the button - This will have priority over imageUrl. “Next”
 + imageUrl String URL of button image. Normal button image will be used if both label and imageUrl are not specified. “http://example/next.png”
 + action String Action when the button was clicked. The value is one of normal, saveAndExit, or exit. saveAndExit will force to save and close. Exit will close without saving. “normal” “saveAndExit”
 + callbackParam String Texts to distinguish which button was clicked in the original application. When callbackUrl is specified, this value will added to the URL as a query parameter in _cacooStatus= format. “NEXT”


Stencile Key Stencile Name
basic.basic Basic
basic.balloon Balloon
basic.people People
basic.smiley Smiley
basic.greetingcard Greeting Card
basic.dimensionline Dimension Line
office.office Office Equipment
office.network Network
office.officelayout Office Layout
office.slim_down Simple Icon
web.sitemap Sitemap
web.wireframe Wireframe
web.freehand Freehand Wireframe
web.webservice Web Service
software.flowchart Flowchart
software.uml URL
software.er ER Diagrams
software.file File
software.iphone iPhone
software.ipad iPad
software.android Android

Example of Startup parameter

  "mode": "normal",
  "callbackUrl": "http://example.com/callback",
  "visibleStencils": [ "basic.balloon" ],
  "buttons": [
    {"label": "Prev", "action": "saveAndExit", "callbackParam": "PREV"},
    {"imageUrl": "http://example/next.png", "action": "exit", "callbackParam": "NEXT"},


Returns the Editor’s HTML as a response.