Authentication & Authorization

Authentication is done by adding your organization’s SCIM token, issued via Organization settings > User provisioning, to the request parameter

Who can issue SCIM tokens?

SCIM tokens can be issued by admins of organizations that have:

Notes on token-issuer accounts

Accounts that have issued tokens can’t:

  • Delete an account
  • Change an account role
  • Deactivate an account

To perform these actions, have another account with admin privileges issue a new token first.

API access using tokens

To call the API, copy the SCIM token from the user provisioning screen to the authorization header.

GET /Users
Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SCIM_TOKEN

If an authentication error occurs, status code 401 is returned. Check the response for error details.

  • Incorrect access token
    "schemas": [
    "status": "401",
    "detail": "Authorization failure. invalid token."