Update topic details

Update a topic name or description.







URL parameters

Name Type Description
topicId Number Topic ID

Form parameters

Name Type Description
name String Topic name ( max 64 characters )
description (Optional) String Topic description ( max 2000 characters )

Response Example

  "topic": {
    "id": 223,
    "name": "Update test topic",
    "description": "Test topic description",
    "suggestion": "Update test topic",
    "isDirectMessage": false,
    "lastPostedAt": null,
    "createdAt": "2016-12-21T10:12:14Z",
    "updatedAt": "2016-12-21T10:12:15Z"
  "mySpace": {
    "space": {
      "key": "abcdefghij",
      "name": "Joe Tech Inc.",
      "enabled": true,
      "imageUrl": "https://apps.nulab.com/spaces/abcdefghij/photo/large"
    "myRole": "ADMIN",
    "isPaymentAdmin": true,
    "myPlan": {
      "plan": {
        "key": "typetalk.free",
        "name": "Free Plan",
        "limitNumberOfUsers": 10,
        "limitTotalAttachmentSize": 1073741824
      "enabled": true,
      "trial": null,
      "numberOfUsers": 7,
      "totalAttachmentSize": 0,
      "createdAt": "2016-01-10T02:32:29Z",
      "updatedAt": "2016-12-21T10:12:14Z"
  "teams": [],
  "groups": [
      "group": {
        "id": 1100,
        "key": "groupkey01",
        "name": "Joe Tech Inc. All",
        "suggestion": "Joe Tech Inc. All",
        "imageUrl": "https://apps.nulab.com/spaces/abcdefghij/groups/groupkey01/photo/medium",
        "createdAt": "2014-06-10T02:32:29Z",
        "updatedAt": "2014-06-10T02:32:29Z"
      "memberCount": 4
  "accounts": [
      "id": 106,
      "name": "chelseab",
      "fullName": "ChelseaB",
      "suggestion": "ChelseaB",
      "imageUrl": "https://typetalk.com/accounts/106/profile_image.png?t=1404095549000",
      "isBot": false,
      "createdAt": "2014-06-30T02:32:29Z",
      "updatedAt": "2014-06-30T02:32:29Z"
  "invitingAccounts": [],
  "invites": [],
  "accountsForApi": [],
  "integrations": [],
  "remainingInvitations": null

All responses are formatted in JSON and include an ETag. If you call an API with an If-None-Match header, the server will return a 304 status code if the data is unchanged. The date and time format is ISO 8601, and the timezone is UTC (eg. 2014-01-09T06:20:08Z).