Plugins using Typetalk API help make your work more fun.

Most of them need client_id and client_secret. Register your application to get them. Some of them will also need typetalkToken. Open the Edit Topic page, then click on the Bots tab and select the “Add bot” button to get it.

If you know of other great plugins or tools, contact us from and we will add them to the list below.

Hubot adapter

Hubot adapter for Typetalk

Fluentd plugin

Sends notifications as messages in Typetalk

Jenkins plugin

Sends messages in Typetalk when a build starts, ends, or fails. You can also operate Jenkins by mentioning to a bot in Typetalk.

GitHub service

Sends messages in Typetalk when you push to GitHub

Ansible module

Sends messages in Typetalk to share your deployment process


Sends messages in Typetalk from fastlane


Sends messages in Typetalk when alerts occur in Mackerel

Chrome Extension

Shows the number of unread notifications in Typetalk