Get User Recent Updates

Returns user’s recent updates







URL parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
userId Number user ID

Query parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
Number type(1-17)
minId Number minimum ID
maxId Number maximum ID
count Number number of records to retrieve(1-100) default=20
order String “asc” or “desc” default=“desc”

Response example

Status Line / Response Header

HTTP/1.1 200 OK 

Response Body

We remove the contents of notifications from the response body, and modify it to an empty array on February 9, 2022.
For more information, please check the following url.

        "id": 3153, 
        "project": { 
            "id": 92, 
            "projectKey": "SUB", 
            "name": "Subtasking", 
            "chartEnabled": true,
            "useResolvedForChart": true,
            "subtaskingEnabled": true,
            "projectLeaderCanEditProjectLeader": false,
            "useWiki": true,
            "useFileSharing": true,
            "useWikiTreeView": true,
            "useOriginalImageSizeAtWiki": false,
            "textFormattingRule": "backlog",
            "archived": false,
            "displayOrder": 3,
            "useDevAttributes": true
        "type": 2, 
        "content": { 
            "id": 4809, 
            "key_id": 121, 
            "summary": "Comment", 
            "description": "", 
            "comment": { 
                "id": 7237, 
                "content": "" 
            "changes": [ 
                    "field": "milestone", 
                    "new_value": " R2014-07-23", 
                    "old_value": "", 
                    "type": "standard" 
                    "field": "status", 
                    "new_value": "4", 
                    "old_value": "1", 
                    "type": "standard" 
        "notifications": [], 
        "createdUser": { 
            "id": 1, 
            "userId": "admin", 
            "name": "admin", 
            "roleType": 1, 
            "lang": "ja", 
            "mailAddress": "eguchi@nulab.example",
            "lastLoginTime": "2022-09-01T06:35:39Z"
        "created": "2013-12-27T07:50:44Z" 

Response description

Parameter Name Type Description
type Number type of activity:
1: Issue Created
2: Issue Updated
3: Issue Commented
4: Issue Deleted
5: Wiki Created
6: Wiki Updated
7: Wiki Deleted
8: File Added
9: File Updated
10: File Deleted
11: SVN Committed
12: Git Pushed
13: Git Repository Created
14: Issue Multi Updated
15: Project User Added
16: Project User Deleted
17: Comment Notification Added
18: Pull Request Added
19: Pull Request Updated
20: Comment Added on Pull Request
21: Pull Request Deleted
22: Milestone Created
23: Milestone Updated
24: Milestone Deleted
25: Project Group Added
26: Project Group Deleted
reason Number notification of reason
1:Assigned to Issue
2:Issue Commented
3:Issue Created
4:Issue Updated
5:File Added
6:Project User Added
10:Assigned to Pull Request
11:Comment Added on Pull Request
12:Pull Request Added
13:Pull Request Updated