Update Project

Updates information about project.


Project Administrator 





URL parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
projectIdOrKey String Project ID or Project Key

Form parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
name String Project Name
key String Project Key
chartEnabled Boolean Enable chart
useResolvedForChart Boolean Consider Resolved and statuses after as Closed
subtaskingEnabled Boolean Enable subtasking
projectLeaderCanEditProjectLeader Boolean Allow project administrators to manage each other
useWiki Boolean Enable Wiki
useFileSharing Boolean Enable shared files
useWikiTreeView Boolean Enable Wiki tree view
useSubversion Boolean Enable Subversion
useGit Boolean Enable Git
useOriginalImageSizeAtWiki Boolean Display images in Wikis in their original size
textFormattingRule String Formatting rules “backlog” or “markdown”
archived Boolean Archive this project
useDevAttributes Boolean Enable priorities, versions and milestones

Response example

Status Line / Response Header

HTTP/1.1 200 OK 

Response Body

    "id": 1, 
    "projectKey": "TEST", 
    "name": "test", 
    "chartEnabled": false, 
    "useResolvedForChart": false,
    "subtaskingEnabled": false, 
    "projectLeaderCanEditProjectLeader": false, 
    "useWiki": true,
    "useFileSharing": true,
    "useWikiTreeView": true,
    "useOriginalImageSizeAtWiki": false,
    "useSubversion": true,
    "textFormattingRule": "markdown", 
    "displayOrder": 2147483646,
    "useDevAttributes": true