Error Response

Response example

Status Line / Response Header

Status line / Response header

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 

Response Body

Response body

            "message": "No project.", 
            "code": 6, 
            "moreInfo": "" 

Response information

1: InternalError

If an error occurs in the API Server.

2: LicenceError

If you call an API that is not available in your licence.

3: LicenceExpiredError

If space licence has expired.

4: AccessDeniedError

If you access from an IP Address that is not allowed.

5: UnauthorizedOperationError

If your operation is denied.

6: NoResourceError

If you access a resource that does not exist.

7: InvalidRequestError

If you post a request with invalid parameters.

8: SpaceOverCapacityError

If it exceeds the capacity of your space.

9: ResourceOverflowError

If you call an API to add a resource when it exceeds a limit provided in the resource.

10: TooLargeFileError

If the uploaded attachment is too large.

11: AuthenticationError

If you are not registered on a target space.

12: RequiredMFAError

If you are disabled Two-Factor Authentication in the space requiring 2-step verification.

13: TooManyRequestsError

If your API access exceeded the rate limit.